When Mums care but the pain becomes unbearable
Here’s what they use……

Mother and Child FeedingEvery day, caring Mums suffer as their child enjoys the best start in life as ‘Breast really is Best’.

Unfortunately, and despite the best of intentions, continuous feeds can cause nipples to become very sore as little one begins to suckle.

MamaSafe Helps Your Nipples Heal
MamaSafe Helps Your Nipples Heal

Initially, nipples become irritated and the natural swelling leads to open cracks and very uncomfortable inflammation.

As the body heals, the wound dries and scabs form which are then torn off when your baby starts to feed again.

This is just the start of an unpleasant and painful cycle that often causes Mum to stop breastfeeding early, denying the child the very best of starts in life.

Here is what Mums using MamaSafe® are saying

I was at the end of my tether – my breasts hurt so much I really felt like giving up! My health visitor suggested I try MamaSafe before quitting and I haven’t looked back!
Bethany, Reading

Oh, my boobs were so sore I don’t know how I would have gone on if I hadn’t found MamaSafe. I am now 6 weeks in and still breastfeeding – not what I thought after the first week!!
Georgie, Croydon

MamaSafe Helps Your Nipples Heal
MamaSafe Helps Your Nipples Heal

MamaSafe® helps your breasts heal between feeds!

The MamaSafe® nipple protector ring protects your sore nipples against sticking to clothing, enabling air circulation, and effectively assists healing the sore nipples.

The 3 cm-thick foam ring ensures that there is enough distance from any material which could come into unwanted contact with sore nipples.

You can also still use breastfeeding inserts whilst using MamaSafe®.


Continue to give your Child the very best start in Life
Continue to give your Child the very best start in Life

MamaSafe® will

  •   Increase Healing
  •   Protects sore nipples
  •   Enables air circulation
  •   Reduces pain
  •   Helps to encourage to breastfeed for longer

My Nipples soon Healed and I was able to go on breastfeeding!!

After only three days of breastfeeding following the birth to our Amy-Sophie in the Heitzing Hospital in Feburary 2014 my nipples became sore. But MamaSafe, that was distributed on the hospital’s obstetrics ward, brought quick relief. I made really positive experiences with MamaSafe which are practical, soft, comfortable and simple to use. My nipples soon healed and I was able to go on breastfeeding Amy-Sophie.

I immediately posted MamaSafe on Facebook for friends of mine experiencing similar problems. Apart from everything else the “donuts” look funny, so people just can’t help smiling :)

Corina Karnolz


Breastfeeding “linked to higher IQ”

Advice remains that exclusive breastfeeding for around the first six months of life provides health benefits to babies

Public Health England




MamaSafe – mums secret weapon to REDUCE breast pain and keep little one feeding for longer….

    •    When should I use MamaSafe™?

You don’t just have to use MamaSafe when your nipples are inflamed or sore, you can use them throughout the lactation period.

    •    How will I know which ring goes on which breast?

MamaSafe™ has a blue and a red line round each ring so Red for RIGHT and bLue for LEFT!

    •    How do I use MamaSafe?

Its really simple. Just place the protective ring on the breast ensuring your nipple is in the centre and put your bra back over the the top to hold it in place.

    •    What is MamaSafe made from?

MamaSafe nipple protector rings are made from a breathable and absorbent material that is gentle against your skin.

    •    How do I dispose of them when I have finished with them?

Just place them in the bin with your other household rubbish.

    •    How often should I replace MamaSafe?

For reasons of hygiene we recommend replacing MamaSafe rings daily or whenever they get too dirty. We advise that you do not try to re-use nipple protector rings should they become soiled.

Don’t Delay – Get MamaSafe TODAY and help your little one to the BEST START in life